We are in the field of Industrial automation,
instrumentation and control covering followings

bullet Supply of Industrial instruments to measure and control pressure, temperature, flow, level and their relative properties.
bullet Supply of Industrial automation and control products like, PLC, DCS, ESD and SCADA.
bullet Supply and services vendor for Electrical Equipment including Substations, Switch gears, panels, cable, cable trays, lighting and all related assignment.
bullet Economical solutions provider for Process Control, Electrical, Instrumentation, E&I EPC Packager, O&M services, CP systems.
bullet Supply and services vendor for BMS, HVAC, Security and surveillance including CCTV, Fire Alarms, Access control, Intrusion, Public address system, BGS (back ground systems) with System integration facilities.
bullet Services for designing, installation & Commissioning of projects on turnkey basis.
bullet Training for PLC/DCS/SCADA for Siemens, Allen Bradley and GEIP.