Red Lion
Panel Meter, Process Controller, Modular Controllers, HMI Terminals, SSR, Counters & Totalizers Red lion has acquired N-Tron (making Industrial Grade Ethernet Switches, managed /unmanaged for Copper and fiber optic media) and Sixnet (RTUs with Cellular Features , Ethernet Switches , wireless routers / modems)
Woodward is the world's largest independent designer and manufacturer of energy controls solutions, including governors, actuators, and controls for industrial engines, turbines and power equipment.
Butterfly Valves, Position Indicators, Check valves & Flexible Couplings.
Flow Tek
Ball Valves 2 Ports & Multi ports With Electric, Pneumatic Actuators, Positioner With All Accessories.
Process I Boiler Trim gauge/sight level gauges (Reflex and transparent), Magnetic Level Gauge Magnetostrictive transmitters, Float/ Displacer level switches, ultrasonic switches and level transmitters. Hydra Step Level Gauges, Bi Color Level Gauges and illuminator GLGs for boilers. Hazardous Area Signal Isolators & Barriers, Surge Protection, I/Os, Safety Net system for Redundant Applications, HMI for Hazardous Areas.
Hazardous Area Signal isolators & Barriers, Surge Protection, I/Os, Safety Net System for Redundant Applications, HMI For Hazardous Areas.
GE Intelligent Platforms
PLC/DCS for control, BMS, ESD and safety applications with SCADA software. (Cimplicity and IFix)
Flame monitoring, Burner Controller for single and multiple fuels, Burner management systems, O and CO monitoring analyzers. 2
All kind of Thermocouples & RTD. Extension and Compensation Cable even for toughest environments with signal & multi-pair facilities Shielded Or Non - Shielded.
World Leader In Gas Detection. Portable Or Online, Combustible Or Toxic Gas Sensors, Single Or Multiple Gas Sensors.
United Electric
Temperature & Pressure Switches for Safe & Hazardous Area.
Sierra Instruments
Mass Flow Meters USA Based Company Making Mass Flow Meters & Controllers For Gases, Mass Flow Vortex Meters For Air, Gases & Liquids, Mass Flow Thermal Flow Meters For Gases, Air & Bio Gases, Portable & Online Ultrasonic Flow Meters For Liquids.
Complete System Industrial Enclosures & Cabinets, Compact / Modular Floor standing / Control Desks / Stainless Steel / Outdoor Cabinets / Network Cabinets / Customized Cabinets with Certifications ( UL Certified / ISO, IEC 62208 I Seismic / IP Rating 55 / 65 I 66 I 6X I XS Type Test Reports.
Hitech Instruments
Process online analyzer for hydrogen impurity for alternator, chlor alkali analyzers, Biogas analyzers, H2 , CO2 , and O2 analyzers.
Decade Boxes (resistance, capacitance & inductance), Portable voltage and current Calibrator (handheld & portable), Multifunction Bench top Calibrator, Portable process Instrument (Loop, temperature & Pressure calibration), calibration benches.
Analytical Instruments
On-line analytical instruments for High Purity Water, Pharma Water, Feed water, Steam & Condensate, Potable Water, Pool & Sanitary, Cooling Water, Waste Water & Effluents. For measuring Ammonium, Chlorine / Ozone / CIO2, Conductivity and Resistivity, Hydrazine / Carbohydrazide, Nitrate, Oxygen (dissolved), pH, Phosphate Redox (ORP), Silica, Sodium, Turbidity, Total Organic Carbon.
Robustel technologies is a worldwide manufacturer of cellular communication for SCADAs installed in Energy Grids, Water Treatment plants, Oil fields and Railways. Offering Cellular Routers(GPRS/3G), USB Cellular Routers(GPRS/3G) ,Cellular Gateway Modems(GPRS/3G/4G), Machine Could Software (Robustlink, RobustVPN)
Pressure and Differential Pressure Gauges, Digital Pressure Gauges, Transmitters, Switches, Diaphragm Seals, Thermometers, Temperature Gauges, Thermowells and Accessories.
Bernard Controls
Bernard controls offers complete solutions for the automation of industrial valves and equips the most demanding industries: power generation, water, industry, oil & gas.
Carlo Gavazzi
Proximity Switches, Panel Switch, Power Analyzers, Safety Curtains, Electro Mechanical Relays, Load Monitoring & Energy Management System.
Newson Gale
Earth-rite® range-static ground monitoring & interlock systems, bond-rite® range-self testing static grounding clamps With visual indication, cen-stat™ range-static grounding clamps, cables, reels and testing devices
Paperless Recorders, GSM Controllers
New Flow
Flow Meters, Orifice Plates & Flanges, Level Switches, Level Transmitters, Level Float Switches, Thermometers, Temperature Transmitters, Thermocouples & RTD, Thermowells, Pressure & differential pressure switches, Pressure transducers, Diaphragm seals, Manometers, Over Pressure Protectors, Pressure Reducing Regulators, relief valves, Diaphragm Pressure Regulator Filters for Instrumentation & Gas, Safe Valves, Air eliminators, Nozzles, Paddle Flow Switches, Rota Meters, Venturi Tubes, Sight Glass Gauges.
An industrial software manufacturer specializing in SCADA solutions to best satisfy plant requirements. Offering KingView HMI: SCADA formedium sized projects, KingSCADA: SACADA for large scaled projects and KingHistorian: An enterprise database & historian software, with performance profile consisting of 300,000+ licensed users in core industries around the globe.
Manufacturer of early warning and notification systems. It includes Electronic Siren, Mobile Siren, Stand-Alone Siren, aSCADA® product line, Public Address System, VEKTRA software, Public warning /national warning system, Industrial Warning Systems, Indoor And Outdoor Sound Distribution And Wireless Municipal Radio.
Bosch Security Systems include Video Surveillance Systems, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Public Address Systems, Voice Evacuation Systems, Conference Systems, Management Software
ELCO Industrial
Spider67 IP67 Extensible Distributed I/O Modules, Industrial Ethernet Connection Technology, G-Sens Inductive Sensors, Complete Absolute Encoder Solution, Plastic Junction Box ECP8 Series (M8 interface with pre-wired cable), Application of BiSS-C Absolute Encoder in High Speed Servo Drive System, ELCO SR22 Series Safety Relay, RT2 Terminal Relays, Connectivity System
Develops and manufactures vibration monitoring system. It covers full line-up of vibration related instruments ranging vibration sensors, portable FFT analyzers and vibration online monitoring system.
Explosion Proof LED Lights, Explosion Proof Emergency Lights, Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights, Explosion Proof Flood Lights, LED Tunnel Light, Anti-Glare Light, High Power LED Flood Lights, High Bay Lights
Process Pressure Relief Valves, Steam Safety Valves, Nuclear Pressure Relief Valves, Software Solutions serving many industries: Hydrocarbon Processing, Refinery, Petrochemical, Fossil and Nuclear Power Generation, Natural Gas Production and Transmission, Pharmaceutical, and General processing